Air Cargo

Jamaica’s two international airports now handle air cargo in addition to passenger loads, but the Logistics Hub will require additional air cargo capacity and a runway with the ability to accept long-haul aircraft. Such a facility will increase the ability to handle long-haul and time-sensitive cargo.

Norman Manley International Airport Situated on the Palisadoes peninsula bordering the picturesque Kingston Harbour, NMIA is a twenty minute drive from downtown Kingston and the Port. This airport serves Kingston, eastern and central Jamaica.

The 2,713m x 48m will be lengthened by 500m to extend take-off run and install Runway End Safety Areas (RESA).

  • The Cargo and Logistics Centre has a capacity of 3,716m2 which is fully occupied
  • NMIA cargo facility has a 3,278m2 capacity
  • An additional 1115m2 of cargo space will be available by the end of 2013 with an equal area being available for near term expansion
  • 14,000 m2 of land space is available for cargo storage: BOOT development is planned
  • Ministry of Agriculture screening and USDA pre-screening facilities are located on site

Sangster International Airport (SIA)

Sangster International Airport (SIA) in north west Jamaica serves western Jamaica. This airport
has one runway with an overall length of 2653m and a width of 46m. The runway surface type is asphalt concrete and is capable of accommodating a B747size aircraft, with reach to parts of Europe and most of North, South and Central America.

  • SIA handled 40,300 movements in 2012
  • The runway will be lengthened to facilitate longer take-off runs and installation of RESA
  • 42% of the airlines now using SIA handle cargo
  • MBJ Airports Ltd plans to develop cargo as part of its growth strategy

Vernamfield: Air Cargo Hub of the Future

The Vernamfield airfield is situated on 1,174 hectares of land in the parish of Clarendon in central Jamaica. Only 5km south of the major east-west Highway 2000 and 15km from Jamaica’s south coast, this site has the advantage that it is not vulnerable to tsunamis and has land space to construct terminal and warehouse buildings and a runway in excess of 3km to accommodate landing of a fully-loaded A380 aircraft.

Air Cargo/Logistics Site

  • A commercial free zone will facilitate multi-modal transport links, connecting with the ports through road and rail links
  • Furnished with state-of-the-art equipment it will be ideal for the international courier and internet marketing industries

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair (MRO)

  • The complex will provide maintenance services for aircraft using Jamaica’s airports as well as those using other regional airports

Aviation Training Centre

  • Regional aviation training will be provided for specialized industry areas
  • The Caribbean Aerospace College, a joint venture with Surrey Paving and Aggregates and the Air Transport Technical College of Singapore, now operating at Tinson Pen, will be relocated to Vernamfield. The College will graduate its first batch of students in June 2013